20.10.10 + 10

Diamond Twenty Ten Ten plus Ten is a combination of
Ammonium Nitrate, Phosphate, Potash and Ammonium Sulphate *

Diamond Fertilisers provide a large range of quality NPK + SO3 fertilisers which are made from multi-nutrients which include Nitrogen (N), Phosphates (P), Potassium (K) and Sulphur (SO3)

Our granular NPK + SO3 fertiliser are available across the UK to the agricultural industry.


Examples of NPK Diamond Fertilisers

  • 20.10.10 + 10SO3
  • 25.5.5 + 7.5SO3
  • 22.4.14 + 7.5SO3
  • 24.0.14 + 7.5SO3
  • 30N 19SO3 blend
  • 27N 12SO3 blend


All NPK + SO3 Diamond Fertilisers are available in high quality 600kg and 1000kg bags.

20.10.10 + 10So3

Diamond Fertilisers 20.10.10 + 10So3 is quality fertiliser blend which is ideal for extensive grass for growing cereals. 
Made with a combination of Ammonium Nitrate, Phosphate, Potash and Ammonium Sulphate.
  • Blended using quality raw materials
  • Stored undercover
  • Double screened and Oil coated
  • Available in 600kg or 1000kg bags
Diamond Safety Data Sheet 20.10.10 + 10
No 5 Non Road Hazardous with AN without [...]
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27N 12SO3

A quality nitrogen sulphur compound, perfect for farmers who want to spread to bouts of 36 metres... FIND OUT MORE


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