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Proud to Support Cowley Hill Farm

DATE: 30th March 2023


We are proud to support and sponsor Cowley Hill Farm delivering the highs and lows on everything in between happens on the farm.


A family based farm in the heart if Staffordshire behind-the-scenes action of what goes on at the farm.


Will was nominated for Digital Innovator of the Year at the British Farming Awards.


Subscribe to his You Tube Channel and watch his latest vlog. 

Stay tuned! There's much more to come


Join Diamond Fertilisers at Cereals 2023

DATE: 28 February 2023


We are pleased to confirm our attendance at Cereals 2023.


Over the two days, we aim to interact and inform farmers with the latest information on the fertilisers we have to offer and opportunites which will be coming in forthcoming months.


To highlight a few of our fertilisers


  • Granular Urea protected by Limus
  • Urea + Sulphur - various grades available
  • 26N 37So3 Compound
  • 27N 12So3 Compound
  • MOP
  • TSP
  • DAP


Join Diamond Fertilisers and the team from Thomas Bell on stand 221.  Cereals is the premier arable event in the UK involving all parts of the industry in discussion critical to our future and designed to fulfil the needs of progressive farmers. 

LOCATION: Thoresby Estate, Nottinghamshire

Improving nitrogen use efficiency with Limus®

DATE: October 2022


Optimising nitrogen applications is essential for farm profitability and sustainability. BASF’s product, Limus®, reduces nitrogen losses from urea-based fertilisers, improving their nitrogen use efficiency and environmental footprint.


It is widely documented that the challenge with applied nitrogen is that only about 50% is taken up by crops, with the rest being lost to the air and water or bound to the soil.


Urea-based fertilisers are most prone to ammonia volatilisation, as urea is not readily available to plants and first needs to be converted into ammonium by urease enzymes, through a process called hydrolysis. If this reaction occurs on the soil surface, it  can result in losses of nitrogen in the form of ammonia. The extent of the loss depends on the environmental conditions after application.


A high soil pH, as well as certain environmental conditions, which were widely experienced this spring, can increase the risk of ammonia losses from granular urea fertilisers. These are namely low rainfall, dry or drying soils and warm soil temperatures


The use of a registered urease inhibitor, such as BASF’s Limus®, available as Limus® protected urea from Diamond Fertilisers can reduce these ammonia losses by up to 98%.


Trevor Needham, one of BASF’s Real Results 50 growers based in Nottinghamshire, took part in a tramline trial in conjunction with Thomas Bell & Sons Ltd, comparing ammonium nitrate with Limus® protected urea - Diamond Fertiliser’s N-Shield® Granular Urea 46%N. 

Mr Needham said, “My main reason for taking part in the trial was to see if protected urea could become a cost-effective source of nitrogen for us. The trial field is a very light sandy site and I have always considered urea unsuitable for our sand land, particularly in dry years, like this one, because of volatilisation. However, if we can get some efficient use from N-Shield then this may bring back a cheaper source of nitrogen to us.”

Mr Needham’s tramline trial was in a field of Costello winter wheat and was set out by ADAS using their Agronomics approach, to ensure scientifically credible results.


Limus® is the only urease inhibitor available with two active ingredients enabling it to bind to a wider variety of urease enzymes resulting in less ammonia lost, making Limus® the most effective urease inhibitor available. The formulation of Limus® is based on patented BASF polymer technology which provides longer active ingredient stability compared to generic formulations and under normal UK conditions the Limus® treated urea has effectively a two year shelf life.


To talk to us about making the change to using Granular Urea Protected by Limus, give us a call on 01652 652933.


Diamond Fertiliser Settings Now Available via Kuhn

DATE: 15th April 2021


Searching for our fertilisers on the Kuhn Spreader App just became much simpler!


Saving you time and making your fertiliser spreading life much easier


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Global Fertiliser Day - 13th October

DATE: 13th October 2020


Fertilisers are vital for supplying essential nutrients to plants that enable farmers to maximise yields and produce high quality food which feed the nation's growing population. 


Diamond Fertilisers are proud to be part of this essential chain.


Global Fertiliser Day is celebrated on October 13th and commemorates the Haber-Bosch patent on synthesis of ammonia from air which laid the foundation of the modern fertiliser industry and saved billions of people from famine.


Happy Global Fertiliser Day

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Reduce Ammonia Emissions with Limus® by BASF

DATE: 9th October 2020


Nitrogen fertilisers such as inhibitor treated urea can reduce ammonia losses. Other benefits of Limus protected urea include:-


- Increases application timing flexibility throughout the year

- Improves yield by 5% compared to unprotected Urea

- Raises performance to the level of Ammonium Nitrate

- The only urease inhibitor with two active ingredients. Limus more effectively minises ammonia losses, ensuring great availability for crops and higher yields

- Offers greater than 12 months of storage stability


Diamond Fertilisers offer N-Shield fertilisers protected by Limus® from BASF


Get in touch

To find out more N-Shield® and on how you can use protected urea to reduce ammonia emissions please call 01652 652933 or alternatively you can send us an email enquiries@diamondfertilisers.co.uk





The Wheels Of Fertiliser Continue to Grow

DATE: 1st October 2020


It's great to see our new bulk trailer in action this week. 


Our approach to our customers experience has been enhanced with the addition of a bulk trailer. We continue to strengthen our port to farm excellence whilst working to reduce the use of packaging. 


Our bulk fertiliser range includes MOP, TSP, DAP, CAN, SUPA KIESERITE® and much more. 


Get in touch

To find out more about Diamond Fertilisers and what is happening in the market, please call 01652 652933 or alternatively you can send us an email enquiries@diamondfertilisers.co.uk





Diamond Fertilisers On Farm 

It's great to be able to capture one of our lorries leaving farm following delivery of fertiliser. He’s now making his way back to the port where he will collect his next load. Our fleet of lorries allows us to quickly adapt and support our customers needs #qualityservice #customerservice #fertiliser #fert #qualityserviceprice #diamondfertilisers #pulan #lithan #fertspreading #harvest2020 #scania #wheelsoffertiliser

DATE: 13th January 2020


Diamond Fertilisers have commissioned SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing Ltd to perform spreader calibrations on Supa Kieserite®. 


Analysis: 27MgO 50So3


This has been tested on a Amazone ZAM Ultra, Kuhn Axis 30.1 and KRM M2. With the correct spreader settings will spread evenly to bouts of 36m.


Click here to find out more

YAMS - 5th February 2020

DATE: 9th January 2020


We will be exhibiting at YAMS 2020 on Wednesday 5th February.

YAMS is held at the York Auction Centre, Murton, York, YO19 5GF on the first Wednesday in February after the end of the shooting season.

It’s an fantastic event to be part of and we will be showcasing our fertiliser range including Supa Kieserite®, MOP, TSP, DAP, N-Shield®, Granular Urea, 26N 37SO3 and 27N 12SO3 compounds and more.


Look forward to seeing you there!

Diamond Fertiliser Spreader Settings Now Online

DATE: 26th November 2019


Diamond Fertilisers have been working closely with Amazone to ensure spreader settings are available for their core range of fertilisers. 

Core fertiliser range includes:
DAP | MOP | TSP | Supa Kieserite® | 26N 37SO3 Compound | 27N 12SO3 Compound | Domogran and Select Grade
Samples of Diamond Fertilisers were provided to Amazone to assess at the test hall in Germany. We are pleased to announce the tests are now complete and the settings are online or via the Amazone App.
Diamond Fertilisers recommends that you calibrate your spreader prior to application for all products. We always advise you to contact your spreader manufacturer or SCS to set up your spreader prior to application.


Essential Fertiliser For Your Potatoes

DATE: 4th November, 2019


We are happy to announce we will be exhibiting for the first time at BP2019 on 20th and 21st November at the Yorkshire Event Centre.  Once every two years the whole of the potato industry come together for a unique ‘from seed to trolley’’ event.  It’s an exciting event to be part of and we will showcase our fertiliser range including potato specific grades such as:-




Come and visit us in Hall 1 Stand 190 to find out more about our products and latest fertiliser prices. We look forward to seeing you there.





Proud Mile Marker Sponsor at the ABP Humber Coastal Half Marathon and 5k Run

DATE: 23rd August 2019


Diamond Fertilisers are proud to sponsor a mile market at the ABP Humber Coastal Half Marathon and 5k Run. 

A fantastic coastal half marathon and 5k run in the fabulous seaside resort of Cleethorpes.


Finishers in both races will receive a fabulous medal, technical tshirt and an ice cream with a flake!!


Click on the link below to find out more or enter the event





It's Showtime!

DATE: 09 May 2019


Calling into stand 322 at the Cereals show on 12th and 13th June could be well worth while in more ways than one.
Diamond Fertiliser will be showcasing their full range of high-quality fertilisers on stand 322, including N-Shield, the new range of fertilisers protected by Limus®, a unique urease inhibitor which offers a range of benefits to farmers. On hand technical support will be available on the day from BASF to answer all of your questions.
Product Range Includes
Granular NPK Fertilisers, MOP, TSP, DAP, CAN, Pulan, Lithan, Granular Urea, Prilled Urea, N-Shield, Urea Sulphurs, ASN, Ammonium Sulphates, Supa Kieserite® and Custom Blends.
Cereals is an ideal opportunity for you to talk to our experts about the full range of fertilisers and discuss prices for the new season. 
Visit the Diamond Fertiliser on stand 322 to find out more and enter a prize draw into our event competition.



Introducing N-Shield

We are proud to introduce N-Shield using the most effective urease inhibitor available Limus® by BASF.

For more information please click here

LAMMA 2019

DATE: 02 January 2019


Diamond Fertilisers will be at LAMMA 2019 on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th January. Providing high quality blends, straights and compound fertilisers such as Granular Urea, MOP, TSP, DAP, Ammonium Sulphate, ASN, Supa Kieserite and much more.


All Diamond fertilisers are double screened and oil coated so you can be confident when you come to use the fertiliser, it will be in a prime and free flowing condition. 


All Diamond Fertilisers are stored undercover, so you have peace of mind knowing that when they arrive on farm, they will arrive in pristine condition.



You will find Diamond Fertilisers in Hall 11 Stand 11.302.



Our Product Range Continues to Grow - Introducing a 27N 12SO3 Compound Fertiliser

DATE: August 2018


Diamond Fertilisers are proud to introduce a 27N 12SO3 compound fertiliser into the range. A mixture of ammonium nitrate and fine-grained mineral containing Calcium Sulphate with an addition of anti-caking agents, will ensure a high quailty yield. The sulphur increases the effectiveness of nitrogen fertilisation and is beneficial for the content and quality of protein in the plant.


27N 12SO3 contains calcium as CaSO4.
Contents of calcium in counting as CaO is about 7.5% (m/m)


Origin: Polish



Our Product Range is Growing - Find out more at Cereals, 2018

Our product range is growing and you can find out more at the Cereals Event at Chrishall Grange, Duxford, Cambridgeshire on stand 241.


  • Oil Coated to assist shelf-life and spreadability
  • Double Screened to enhance the quality
  • High Quality Bags manufactured in the UK
  • Everything is stored undercover


For more information about the Cereals Event please visit www.cerealsevent.co.uk or www.thomas-bell.co.uk




Now Offering Longer Opening Hours For Hauliers

We are now offering longer opening hours for hauliers to collect fertiliser at ABP Immingham Bulk Park. We hope the longer opening hours will be more convenient for hauliers and allow our transport network to improve the service we offer to our customers.


Open Monday to Friday - 6am to 6pm (last vehicle on the weighbride at 5:30pm) - continuous loading

Ammonium Sulphate Select Grade 2-5mm

1st August 2017
Ammonium Sulphate Select Grade 2-5mm has arrived at ABP Immingham. This is a high quality granulated fertiliser for crops with a high demand of sulphur. This fertiliser can acheive bouts of up to 36 metres with the correct spreader settings. Spreader settings are available on request. You can purchase the Ammonium Sulphate Select Grade in high quality 600kg, 1000kg bags or in bulk.


Cereals 2017

Join Diamond Fertilisers and over 24,000 farmers on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th June at Bootby Graffoe in Lincolnshire. The Cereals event is a fantastic opportunity for you to view our fertilisers and discuss our operations. You will find Diamond Fertilisers on stand 746.


Tickets are now on sale, please see the Cereals website for more information. See you there!


Discover more about Diamond Fertilisers at LAMMA '17

Visit Hall 7 Stand 796 on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th January for your chance to WIN a VIP trip in a helicopter and behind the scenes tour of a new blending plant in Immingham.
The blending plant tour will give you the unique opportunity to experience the whole process of how our products are made – from the arrival of the raw materials into the port to the finished product in a bag. At the state-of-the-art production facilities, you’ll get to see the leading technology systems in place and receive a greater insight into how the operations work seamlessly together to produce our comphrensive range of fertilisers. Terms and Conditions apply.
The VIP TOUR consists of the following:-
• A comprehensive tour of the blending plant at ABP Port of Immingham
• A 30 minute trip in a helicopter from Humberside Airport to Immingham and return via the Humber Bridge
• A traditional ‘‘Fish and Chip’’ lunch at Steels in Cleethorpes


For more informtion about LAMMA please visit www.lammashow.com



NEW Blending Facility to Open at ABP Immingham

ABP Commercial Manager Chris Vause and Managing Director of Thomas Bell and Sons, Andrew Major at Immingham Bulk Park
(image courtesy of ABP / David Lee Photography)


Thomas Bell and Sons, based in Brigg North Lincolnshire have signed a new deal with ABP which will see them invest in a new blending plant at the ABP Port of Immingham.


The blending plant will allow Thomas Bell to create bespoke fertiliser blends, which will in turn increase the range of products it can offer to the marketplace.


The state-of-the-art plant, which opens in January 2017, includes the latest precision measurement technology with multi hopper conveyer systems and a double screen to improve production efficiency and to provide optimum product quality.


ABP have invested £100,000 in infrastructure to support the new plant alongside their recent £2 million investment of undercover storage at its dedicated Fertiliser Terminal. Thomas Bell has extended their agreement with ABP to cover this latest investment.


The companies have been working together for over 20 years and this new venture will see Thomas Bell and Sons significantly increase their current annual volumes through Immingham.


ABP Commercial Manager Chris Vause said: “ABP has a long-standing relationship with Thomas Bell and this increased business is extremely beneficial to the port.


“Thomas Bell chose Immingham because of its infrastructure, location and its ability to discharge fertiliser cargoes up to 25,000 tonnes. We are delighted to secure this additional volume.”


Managing Director of Thomas Bell, Andrew Major said: “This investment in additional

infrastructure will complement our existing activities at Immingham, boost production capability and maintain our reputation for ‘port to farm’ excellence. These benefits and cost savings will be passed on to our customers.


We have become the UK’s largest independent fertiliser importer on the back of our customer service and those values will remain in place’’


As well as investing in the new plant, Thomas Bell will increase its haulage fleet of ten vehicles to meet demand.



27N 12SO3

A quality nitrogen sulphur compound, perfect for farmers who want to spread to bouts of 36 metres... FIND OUT MORE


To discuss what is happening in the fertiliser market, please contact your local farm trader, merchant or agent.


Or please call us on 01652 652933

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