Diamond fertiliser delivery on farm
Diamond fertiliser delivery on farm

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Diamond Fertilisers are manufactured and bagged within ABP Bulk Park Immingham, North East Lincolnshire using the highest quality raw materials and latest precision measurement technology with multi hopper conveyor systems, double screens to enhance production and provide optimum product quality. This is backed up by offering fast response times to support deliveries especially in peak season.


Diamond Fertilisers blends are a combination of nitrogen, phosphates and potash and will give you the nutrition that’s right for your crops. All Diamond blends are oil coated to provide a dust-free and free flowing product, assisting shelf-life and spreadability.


To discuss our full range of fertilisers and current prices please contact your local merchant, agent or farm trader.

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N-Shield® fertilisers protected by Limus®

We are proud to introduce N-Shield® fertilisers using the most effective urease inhibitor available Limus® by BASF...

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Diamond Fertilisers are manufactured, bagged and stored undercover within ABP Bulk Park Immingham. Watch our story...


Ideal for crops with an immediate Magnesium requirement containing 27MgO 50SO3.


Tested by SCS to spread

up to widths of 36m...



NPK Fertilisers

N-Shield® protected by Limus®

Supa Kieserite®

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