Nitrogen and Sulphur Compounds

26N 37So3 Compound


A high quality granular compound for crops with a high demand of Sulphur, which is an essential nutrient for all crops. Diamond 26N 37So3 can achieve bouts of up to 48 metres with the correct spreader settings. Available in 600kg or 1000kg bags


SIZE: 2-5mm
ORIGIN: Spanish


More efficiency: Lower losses due to volatiIization vs. fertilisers formulated with ureic Nitrogen.

Higher Profit: Balanced top-dressing fertilisation due to different release of Nitrogen

Best Balance: Nitrogen and sulphur 100% absorbed and supplied together

Top Performance: Promotes the absorption of soil micronutrients due to its nitric nitrogen and sulphur

Please use the below settings as a guide and where possible, we always recommend performing a tray test. The below settings are not guaranteed, as application can be affected by the weather and condition of the spreader.  We also advise referring to uyour spreader manufacturers website.


- Diamond 26N 37SO3 is suitable for spreading up to 48m with the Amazone ZATS and Kverneland Exacta HL.


- Diamond 26N 37SO3 is suitable to spread up to 44m with the Kuhn Axis 50.1 W.


- Diamond 26N 37SO3 is suitable to spread to 42m with the KRM M35. 

Please use the below spreader settings as a guide. We advise you to contact your spreader manufacturer or SCS to set up your spreader prior to application*


Granule Size (mm) <2 < 2- 3.3 <3.3 - 4.74  <4.75
Distribution %0   7.5 63.3 29.3
Density 0.89 kg/l      
Strength 4.5 to 9kg litre      
Machine Disc/Vane Type Spreader Height/Tilt Speed Type PTO/Disc Speed Spread Width Spread Setting
Amazone ZAM Ultra OM 24/48 80 PTO 720 24M 12/44
  OM 24/48 80 PTO 720 36M 14/49
Amazone ZATS TS3 80cm Disc 900 36M 30
  TS3 80cm Disc 900 48M 45
KRM M35 Base Trend 36m 75cm level PTO 600 36M 1&2
  42m 95cm +6° PTO 600 42M 1&2
Kverneland Exacta HL Lift Vanes 85cm Disc 950 36M M
  Lift Vanes 85cm Disc 1120 48M F
Kuhn Axis 50.1W S12 60cm Disc 900 36M 2
  S12 60cm Disc 900 44M 5


27N 12So3 Compound


A mixture of ammonium nitrate and fine-grained mineral containing Calcium Sulphate with an addition of anti-caking agents, will ensure a high quality yield. The sulphur increases the effectiveness of nitrogen fertilisation and is beneficial for the content and quality of protein in the plant. 27N 12SO3 contains calcium as CaSO4. Contents of calcium in counting as CaO is about 7.5% (m/m) 


With the correct spreader settings, 27N 12SO3 compound from Diamond Fertilisers will spread evenly to bouts of 36m. Spreader settings are available on request or alternatively please visit your spreader manufacturers website. 


Available in 600kg or 1000kg.



Machine Spread Width Disc/Vane Type Spreader Setting Spreader Height Speed Type Disc Speed
Amazone ZATS 36m TS3 25 80cm Disc 900
  54m TS3 44 80cm Disc 900
KRM M35 Base Trend 36m E9T 1&2 75cm level PTO 540
  42m E9T 1&2 95cm +6° PTO 540
Kverneland Exacta HL 36m Lift Vanes Q 85cm Disc 950
  54m Lift Vanes G 85cm Disc 1030
Kuhn Axis 50.1W 36m S12 4 60cm Disc 900
  50m S12 7 60cm Disc 900

* We have commissioned SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing Ltd to perform spreader calibrations on all of our products. A
Settings provided in the spreading table above are derived from practical tests in the field carried out by SCS
Spreader & Sprayer Testing Ltd.We advise you to contact your spreader manufacturer or SCS to set up your spreader prior to application.

27N 12SO3

A quality nitrogen sulphur compound, perfect for farmers who want to spread to bouts of 36 metres... FIND OUT MORE


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