How the blending machine operates....

Diamond Fertilisers blender operates with state of the art technology.



The raw materials are measured by stainless steel metering conveyors. Every hopper is mounted on a digital weight system. This system makes automatic dosing metering corrections. This guarantees an accurate flow of materials through the conveyor at the rate required. The dosing metering conveyor discharges the materials to a central transport conveyor.



The blender consists of six stainless steel hoppers which have open tops that can be filled by a forklift. Every hopper has a large digital display which provides information of the raw materials and the actual weight of the material in each hopper. While blending, the hoppers will discharge the product simultaneously, meaning all materials will be transported to the central transport conveyor at the same time.



The blender has two screens, an oversized screen to take out any large lumps and a specialised vibrating fine screen which is designed to create three-directional elliptical vibration, ensuring excellent screening effectiveness and dust extraction.



The blender has the capacity to run up to up to 100 tonne per hour


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Pulan 34.5%N

Ammonium Nitrate

Why use PULAN?

  • It has the highest content of nitrogen in range of ammonium-nitrate products
  • Pulan Ammonium Nitrate is the most effective source of nitrogen
  • Contains additives such as magnesium nitrates
  • Covered with anticaking agent which protect in 100% from caking
  • Stores well in handled 600kg bags

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