Urea Sulphur Grades

Diamond Fertiliser provide blended Urea Sulphur grades for crops with a demand for sulphur.

The grades are blended using a high quality Granular Urea and Ammonium Sulphate Domogran.

Example of  Urea Sulphur Grades

38N 19SO3

33N 30SO3

40N 14SO3


Available in 600kg and 1000kg bags.

Pulan 34.5%N

Ammonium Nitrate

Why use PULAN?

  • It has the highest content of nitrogen in range of ammonium-nitrate products
  • Pulan Ammonium Nitrate is the most effective source of nitrogen
  • Contains additives such as magnesium nitrates
  • Covered with anticaking agent which protect in 100% from caking
  • Stores well in handled 600kg bags

Fertiliser Enquiries

If you have any fertiliser enquiries please contact your local merchant or farm trader.


Or call 01652 652933

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