27.6.6 Two Way Blend

Used for basic pre-sowing application as well as a supplement. Uniform in granule size. Applied to all types of soil and crop requiring controlled nutrient application.


Nitrogen (N) % Max                          27

In Form of Ammonium Approx %      52

In Form of Nitrate Approx %             48

Phosphorus (P2O5) % Min               6

Potassium (K2O) % Min                   6

Moisture % Max                                6

Granulometry 1-4mm % Min            90



Fertilisers are treated with conditioning agents to avoid caking during transportation and storage. Fertilisers are packed in bags made of polypropylene with polyethylene liners.


Keep away from clothing/combustible materials/organic substances, acids, alkali, sulphur, pyrites, bleaching powder and powder materials (zinc in particular)

Product Specification

Diamond Fertilisers 27.6.6 Two Way Blend Specification
Diamond Fertiliser 27.6.6 Two Way Blend.[...]
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Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet 27.6.6 Two Way Blend
Safety Data Sheet - 27.6.6.pdf
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