Nitrogen + Sulphur Compounds

27N 12SO3 Compound


A mixture of ammonium nitrate and fine-grained mineral containing Calcium Sulphate with an addition of anti-caking agents, will ensure a high quailty yield. The sulphur increases the effectiveness of nitrogen fertilisation and is beneficial for the content and quality of protein in the plant. 27N 12SO3 contains calcium as CaSO4. Contents of calcium in counting as CaO is about 7.5% (m/m) Available in bulk, 600kg or 1000kg.

26N 33SO3 Compound


Granulated fertiliser in a light brown to beige colour


Size: 2-5mm
Origin: Polish



Available in 500kg bags

26N 37SO3 Compound


Granulated fertiliser in a brown to beige colour. This is a high quality granulated fertiliser for crops with a high demand of Sulphur. This fertiliser can achieve bout of up to 36 metres with the correct spreader settings. Spreader settings are available on request. Available in 600kg or 1000kg bags


Size: 2-5mm
Origin: Spanish

Bulk Density: 1,100 kg/m3


Pulan 34.5%N

Ammonium Nitrate Fertiliser

Why use PULAN?

  • It has the highest content of nitrogen in range of ammonium-nitrate products
  • Pulan Ammonium Nitrate is the most effective source of nitrogen
  • Contains additives such as magnesium nitrates
  • Covered with anticaking agent which protect in 100% from caking
  • Stores well in handled 600kg bags

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