N-Shield - protected by Limus®



We are proud to introduce N-Shield using the most effective urease inhibitor available Limus® by BASF.


N-Shield fertilisers are protected by Limus®, a unique urease inhibitor, which offers a range of benefits to farmers. The application of Limus® Pro to Granular Urea minimises volatilisation and adheres with guidance in the government’s Code of Good Agricultural Practice for Reducing Ammonia Emissions. 


Nitrogen losses to the environment are significantly reduced, so more remains in the soil available for plants, which can therefore improve yields.
The combination of two active ingredients (NBPT + NPPT) in Limus® Pro brings higher crop yields than urea with NBPT as a stand-alone active ingredient.** With Limus® Pro, the yield performance of urea is raised to the level of AN fertilisers.
  • Reduces Nitrogen Losses
  • Increases yields by 5%*
  • Higher Nitrogen Availability


Available in Bulk, 600kg and 1000kg

*Based on performance vs. Urea (N=107 trials, range of crops – Source BASF)
*Based on performance vs. Urea (N=6 trials, winter wheat, UK - Source BASF/ADAS)
**Comparison of Limus vs. NBPT when applied at the same total ai concentration on the urea granules.

Why Limus®

Limus® protects urea-based fertilisers, minimising nitrogen losses from voltilisation and ensuring optimal nitrogen is available for your crop.


  • Reduced ammonia emissions by up to 98%
    Closed chamber devices with acid treated foam are used to measure ammonia emissions. 93 BASF trials measured up to 98% reduction with an average of 70%
  • Increases application timing flexibilty
    Limus® protected urea can be applied independent of weather conditions due to it's protection from volatilisation
  • Outperforms all other urease inhibitors
    Limus® outperforms all other available urease inhibitors in both efficience and storage stability
  • Delivers the same yield as AN
    Limus® raises the performance of Urea up the level of Ammonium Nitrate as nitrogen losses from volatilisation are minimised.
  • Improves yield by 5%
    Limus® protected urea improves yields by an average of 5% due to fewer nitrogen losses, meaning more is available for uptake.
  • 12 Month Shelf Life
    Even at 20 degrees, Limus® is table for more than 12 months
  • Formulation > NBPT + NPPT
    Limus® formulation contains BASF's patented polymer technology, providing longer a.i stability vs generic NBPT and 2-NPT



Diamond Fertilisers are proud to introduce N-Shield using the most effective urease inhibitor Limus® by BASF

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