Muriate of Potash (MOP)

Muriate of Potash (MOP) is most commonly called potash or potassium chloride. MOP typically contains 60% potash and is the most widely used form or potash. Muriate of potash is beneficial in production of crops that remove large amounts of potash in the roots, such as potatoes, and sugar beets.


Bulk Density: 1040 km/m3

Composition: 60 K20

Chemical Name: Potassium Chloride


Available in Bulk, 600kg or 1000kg bags

Pulan 34.5%N

Ammonium Nitrate

Why use PULAN?

  • It has the highest content of nitrogen in range of ammonium-nitrate products
  • Pulan Ammonium Nitrate is the most effective source of nitrogen
  • Contains additives such as magnesium nitrates
  • Covered with anticaking agent which protect in 100% from caking
  • Stores well in handled 600kg bags

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